Discover the true light language of color and how to communicate your authentic self to the world.


What Participants Are Saying

  • I didn’t realize how much information would be packed into the program and I love that I can go back to the videos and lessons to review – I learn more each time I go back in! If you use color in your business, this program will guide you through the many ways that color can be used to enhance the lives of others. I’d say ‘Go for it!’

    Julietta Brothers


  • I do crystal healing and was excited to take my color knowledge to a new level and to be able to take a person’s physical traits and help them individualize their wardrobe and surroundings with the colors right for them.

    I’m excited for the knowledge to grow on me even more with practice. I can say that the course instilled a lot of confidence in my intuition when choosing colors.

    Andy Kennedy


  • I now am more confident and expressive in my daily life because I am wearing and surrounding myself with colors that support and empower me. The colors align with my energy and that makes me look and feel great. People often respond with warmth and the connections and compliments come frequently.

    Renee Lynn


  • This was the richest online course experience I’ve had to date. It was beautifully conceived and packed full of practical information.

    I can now walk into a clothing or makeup store and zero right in on the colors that flatter me, and I have much more confidence pulling together a complete ensemble that complements my coloring and style and is right for the occasion.

    Deborah Grandinetti


  • I was so surprised and impressed with Arden’s depth of knowledge on the history of color, how we see color and how it even reflects our inner personality. Her passion for the world of color is infectious.

    Discovering all the nuances of my own unique coloring was so fun. 

    You'll come away with a new respect, and admiration, for yourself as well as an appreciation for everyone you meet. 

    Sandy Evenson


  • I’ve had extensive training in colour, however no one has approached colour like Arden does in such a deep & meaningful way that allows for one’s personality to be reflected through the colours we wear.

    Anna Chandler