How To See And Interpret Auras, Even if You Don't Think You Can


Be able to intuit your energetic aura as well as those close to you for deeper understanding and connection.

Access The Secrets Of Soul Colors For Your Ascension And Healing



A 12-week in-depth course that helps you uncover the secrets and develop practices to align with a unique soul color each week that supports manifesting more joy, creativity, and fulfillment in your life.

How to align your color personality and energy to reveal your best colors


A 40-page guide and 14-lesson course that helps you move from feeling frustrated and confused with color to feeling confident and excited about the colors that align with your unique energy.

Uplevel and transform your look with the right colors for your silver hair


Discover the best colors for you in this course with silver-haired color expert, Arden. Includes (2) hour-long video workshops with a 20-page color workbook and step-by-step color exercises and examples.


The Professional Color System was designed by Arden and developed for professionals to offer customized color palettes to their clientele around the world.  The system is used for personal color analysis and includes over 900 colors with 155 master paddles to order from. The color paddles feature fabric swatches for easy and accurate apparel matching and are categorized by neutrals and hues and then by value, chroma (aka saturation) and personality.


Looking for clarity? Ready to receive wisdom from the best future version of yourself? In this 20-minute guided meditation, Arden will guide you through a unique time-traveling visit to your future self.


Your Soul Color holds the key to your divine purpose -- its meaning helps you embody your best self and bring forward your gifts effortlessly. In this 9-minute visualization, Arden will guide you on a visit to see and/or sense your soul color.

Digital ASE File


ASE Color Swatch library of over 2500 colors for use in Adobe Creative products or Procreate.