2500+ Color Swatches for AI + Procreate

Digital ASE File

If you're creative, you'll love the freedom to select whatever color is calling to you by using this color swatch library of over 2500 colors.

The colors are based on the Munsell notation which has 10 main hues: Red, Yellow-Red (Orange), Yellow, Yellow-Green, Green, Blue-Green, Blue, Blue-Violet, Violet, and Red-Violet. (I use the artist names so veer from Munsell a bit)

ASE File of Munsell Colors

They all run beautifully together like the spectrum, making it easy and fun to select a color. Since this is an ASE file, it is for Adobe software and each of the hues are organized in a labeled swatch folder and then organized by value and chroma -- each swatch is labeled.

Adobe Illustrator swatch files

With Procreate, you just import it and it adds all the colors automatically propagating palettes of 30 until all 2500+ colors are added. The 10 grayscale colors are imported first and then it goes to 2.5R. Unfortunately, the individual labels are not added but you will see some fun color names.

Munsell colors for AI and Procreate

YOU DON'T HAVE TO KNOW MUNSELL to use this though! :) I just love the freedom of accessing the colors and knowing if they're toned, deep or tinted but you can just go by intuition.

Munsell swatches in Procreate

This is an ASE file of 41 folders: 40 folders of hues and 1 folder of the Munsell gray scale.

I am a member of the ISCC (Inter-Society Color Council) and have been working with and teaching color for over 15 years. Enjoy!